Kitchen Storage Fittings and Space Saving Idea

Are you planning to maximize the space in your kitchen? If so, you need to consider the arrangement and setting of storage and cabinets. Kitchen is an essential part of a house and you can make it elegant using some space saving ideas.


Here are some handy tips which will surely help you to make your kitchen spacious and well-designed

Store the things on priority basis

Store the utensils, boxes, pots and other kitchen tools according to their usage. Keep the least-used utensils, pans and products of kitchen in lower cupboards. Put the regular and frequently used things in upper and easy to reach cupboards. To avoid clutter and save space, store some foods and boxes next to cook top.

Make use of an island bench

Island bench not only give a modern look to your kitchen but it also save space. These moveable island benches are versatile and easy to install. It can be used to store lots of things including utensils, pots, and containers, etc.

Go for ceiling storage

This is great space saving idea for kitchen. You can empty some drawer by using hooked hanger. These hangers do not consume extra space and can be used to hang hand knives, spoons, etc.

Utilize every corner

Through corner shelves, you can make use of every corner of the kitchen. These selves can be used to stock mugs, glass, cups and other small things.

Use Cork board

In order to avoid or decrease paper clutter, use cork board in the kitchen. It will give an attractive appearance to your kitchen. Additionally, clean your kitchen on regular basis because an untidy kitchen gives a wrong illusion of space.