Kitchen Lighting Design Tips

Lights can do a lot of amazing things for a room. The right kind of lighting can brighten up a place in no time and even the dullest and most uninteresting spaces in a house can be made to look stunning with the help of lights.


If you want you can decorate your kitchen in a very unique way with the help of lights. Depending on the kind of décor there is in your kitchen and the furniture it has, you should select the lights. The lights should also compliment the walls and their colors so that one can easily blend in the negative points with the positive ones and camouflage it all into something beautiful.

Various kinds of kitchen lights you can use

Here are some great ideas which you can sue to light up your kitchen-

  • Task lights

These kinds of lights are very commonly used in kitchens. These mostly focus on specific tasks and these are also the same kinds of lighting used on work desks. You can use the task light over a countertop or cleaning area or over the cooking space sp that you can focus on your work with maximum efficiency.

  • Accent lights

You can use accent lights in your kitchen so that they can highlight and accentuate the kitchen in a unique manner. It also provides a simple yet interesting dimension to every corner of the kitchen.

  • Decorative lights

You can use decorative lights in your kitchen too in order to make it look more attractive, who doesn’t want amazing lighting along with a bit of style and beauty?

  • DIY kitchen lights

And you didn’t think that it’s possible. All you have to do is be creative, if you want a laid back, bohemian or retro look for your kitchen, you can sue old beer and wine bottles and hang them up in a specific stringed deigns and fill them up with glitter and fairy lights. Entangle the fairy lights around and inside them and watch your boring kitchen turn into the most glorious and fabulous thing you have ever seen.