Green Energy Home Improvement

 It is the season where everybody is starting to remodel his or her home. The reason why everybody is starting to remodel their home now is because the weather is nice and they do not have to worry about snow or very cold temperatures. The colder the temperatures are means the workers will have to take more breaks and it will take longer during the remodeling process of your home but if you’re trying to keep your home cool are during the summer months and warmer during winter you might want to think about green remodeling. Green remodeling is nothing more than using recycled materials to give your home in more energy efficient look. Here are some helpful suggestions that you might want to take into consideration next time you are trying to remodel your home but doing it the Green way.


One thing that you should look into when you are trying to remodel your home as green as possible is to look into recycled shingles. Many people do not realize that old shingles are sent to a recycling plant that are melted down and turn into new shingles. These new shingles are just as strong as the remanufactured ones and the transfer more heat away from the house. There is special material that they put into the shingle when they are making it to shed more heat away from the attic.

The same thing goes for the siding that you can put on your house. The recycled siding will shed more heat away from the windows and other areas to keep your house cool during the summer. The more heat transfers through the walls the hotter your house gets. The same thing goes for winter but these recycle materials have more insulation or a higher R rating. This is very good for people who are trying to go green and still trying to remodel their home at the same time.