Kitchen Lighting Design Tips

Lights can do a lot of amazing things for a room. The right kind of lighting can brighten up a place in no time and even the dullest and most uninteresting spaces in a house can be made to look stunning with the help of lights.


If you want you can decorate your kitchen in a very unique way with the help of lights. Depending on the kind of décor there is in your kitchen and the furniture it has, you should select the lights. The lights should also compliment the walls and their colors so that one can easily blend in the negative points with the positive ones and camouflage it all into something beautiful.

Various kinds of kitchen lights you can use

Here are some great ideas which you can sue to light up your kitchen-

  • Task lights

These kinds of lights are very commonly used in kitchens. These mostly focus on specific tasks and these are also the same kinds of lighting used on work desks. You can use the task light over a countertop or cleaning area or over the cooking space sp that you can focus on your work with maximum efficiency.

  • Accent lights

You can use accent lights in your kitchen so that they can highlight and accentuate the kitchen in a unique manner. It also provides a simple yet interesting dimension to every corner of the kitchen.

  • Decorative lights

You can use decorative lights in your kitchen too in order to make it look more attractive, who doesn’t want amazing lighting along with a bit of style and beauty?

  • DIY kitchen lights

And you didn’t think that it’s possible. All you have to do is be creative, if you want a laid back, bohemian or retro look for your kitchen, you can sue old beer and wine bottles and hang them up in a specific stringed deigns and fill them up with glitter and fairy lights. Entangle the fairy lights around and inside them and watch your boring kitchen turn into the most glorious and fabulous thing you have ever seen.

Space-Saving Tricks for Small Kitchens

Many people live in small spaces. Nuclear families live in small spaces all the time but that doesn’t mean that it has to affect quality of life. Small homes and small apartments can also be a lot of fun given that the right kind décor ideas are used with the right colors and furniture is used.

  • Improvise and make your home comfortable

So if you have a small house or apartment and are planning to make the kitchen a bit more spacious, here are a few tips and tricks which can help you get what you desire.

  • Make your kitchen more spacious

Using these simple tips, you can make your kitchen, neat clean and organized and more spacious-

  1. You should make use of various in built wall cabinets and spaces to save space. You can install these wall cabinets by hiring a constructor. Give them a time period to finish the work and see if it can be done. In built wall cabinets and storage spaces can not only make the area more neat and organized but you can out away materials and appliances in these spaces after use and keep the countertops and table cleaner and more neat after your work is done.
  2. You should also select the colors for the walls carefully. If you have a small kitchen and you want to make it more spacious, then you must always stay away from dark shades. Avoid colors like dark wine reds or midnight blue and grey or black. Go for brighter shades like orange, brick red, light Prussian blue or even canary yellow if you want to brighten up the space and you’re not interested in pale pastel shades like white or beige.
  • You can also use single bowl sinks or you can remove a wall and merge two spaces.

You can use these tips and ask for some more innovative ideas from your constructor and get some great ideas to make your kitchen safer, more spacious and cheerful. You can try looking through small kitchen décor ideas in several magazines and sites to get some ideas and merge them with your ideas to come up with something unique.

Kitchen cabinets with pull out cabinets. They open up to blue dishes and storage areas for kitchen items.

Modern kitchen cabinet design ideas

The kitchen is a small yet crucial part of a home. A well designed and modern kitchen can transform the look and value of a house. By using some designer kitchen cabinet ideas, you can give a refreshing look to your kitchen. Lots of kitchen cabinet ideas are accessible to fulfill your desire. While choosing a cabinet idea you need to consider some factors in your mind.


What’s Your Style?

Choose a kitchen cabinet idea as per your personal taste and style statement. Both modern and traditional kitchen cabinet ideas are available to choose from. If you have an old house with antique craftsmen ship, go for traditional kitchen. You can install modern and contemporary ideas if you love changes.

What’s your budget?

Never go beyond to your budget. Choose an appropriate kitchen cabinet style which comes in the range of your pocket. Wooden cabinets, aluminum cabinets, glass cabinets and many more types of cabinets are accessible for your kitchen. You can go for budget friendly alternatives to makeover the kitchen. Use fiber glass in place of real glass. You may choose a combination of material and finish for cabinets.

What’s your home style?

Choose kitchen cabinets on the basis of available space. If you have a large size kitchen, you may have lots of options. However, for a small kitchen you must be cautious when you select a cabinet. The design and style of cabinet can also be influenced by home décor and interior.

To ease your burden, it is better to hire a professional interior designer. A home decorator can suggest and install the best cabinets in your kitchen as per your expectations.

Top 10 Kitchen Renovation Tips

A kitchen is a home’s one of the most important places, a kitchen should always be bright and cheerful and one must make sure that, a very cheery and joyous feel is felt in a kitchen at all times. After all, we should always be in a good mood when we cook food- it always makes the food better.

  • Give your kitchen a makeover

If you are dissatisfied or bored with the look of your kitchen, then maybe it’s time to give it a makeover.

  • Kitchen renovation- some useful tips

Here are some useful tips which you can make use of, in order to give your kitchen a makeover-

  1. First of all, you need to make a plan so as to determine the extent of the remodeling or renovation for your kitchen.
  2. You can either go for better finishing, or paint the kitchen or create more space or change countertops.
  • You could also go for the entire floor change plans. You must always have a goal in mind before you start.
  1. Make sure that the kitchen contemplates with your idea. This way you can add new ideas and come up with a brand new design plan.
  2. You can also talk to an interior designer or constructor and see various possibilities which you can work on to give the kitchen a new look.
  3. Then after all this, you need to determine whether the renovation is small or large scaled.
  • See if it’s a DIY project or whether you end professional help.
  • You also need to fix a timeline. Set a time within which you would need your kitchen to be ready. After all you can’t use the kitchen while it’s being remodeled and you can’t go on for days without using the kitchen.
  1. You can also pick a special theme. For example if you want to go for a retro styled kitchen or a bohemian kitchen you can select bright colors and lights with lots of polka dots and stripes for the walls.
  2. If you want a classy vintage touch, you can go with rugged French styled décor as well.


Kitchen Storage Fittings and Space Saving Idea

Are you planning to maximize the space in your kitchen? If so, you need to consider the arrangement and setting of storage and cabinets. Kitchen is an essential part of a house and you can make it elegant using some space saving ideas.


Here are some handy tips which will surely help you to make your kitchen spacious and well-designed

Store the things on priority basis

Store the utensils, boxes, pots and other kitchen tools according to their usage. Keep the least-used utensils, pans and products of kitchen in lower cupboards. Put the regular and frequently used things in upper and easy to reach cupboards. To avoid clutter and save space, store some foods and boxes next to cook top.

Make use of an island bench

Island bench not only give a modern look to your kitchen but it also save space. These moveable island benches are versatile and easy to install. It can be used to store lots of things including utensils, pots, and containers, etc.

Go for ceiling storage

This is great space saving idea for kitchen. You can empty some drawer by using hooked hanger. These hangers do not consume extra space and can be used to hang hand knives, spoons, etc.

Utilize every corner

Through corner shelves, you can make use of every corner of the kitchen. These selves can be used to stock mugs, glass, cups and other small things.

Use Cork board

In order to avoid or decrease paper clutter, use cork board in the kitchen. It will give an attractive appearance to your kitchen. Additionally, clean your kitchen on regular basis because an untidy kitchen gives a wrong illusion of space.



How to Install Kitchen Cabinets

You are likely to save thousands of dollars by installing the kitchen cabinets yourself. If you are looking to remodel the kitchen yourself, then you have come to the right place. We will show you how to assemble these kitchen cabinets yourself.

To begin with, you will need some basic hand and power tools to complete the project. This includes a cordless drill, circular or table saw, hand held planer or belt sander, clamps, a countersink bit, hand plane, jigsaw, four foot level, stud finder, hammer and different sized drill bits. As soon as you determine the layout for your new kitchen, you must find the high point for the floor. While installing kitchen cabinets, you must always begin with the corner wall cabinet.


Behind the cabinet location, you will have to locate the framing with the help of the stud finder. Mark down the stud location on the wall. After that, you will have to transfer these measurements at the back of your cabinet. For best results, it would be suggestive to transfer these stud locations inside the cabinet and drill every location from the corner of the wall cabinet. You can use an 11/64″ drill bit for this purpose. You will see a hanging strip on the top as well as the bottom of the cabinet. Ensure that the holes are drilled from this strip.

The level is extremely important while installing kitchen cabinets. Once you get the first cabinet perfectly, the others will just follow. Another important thing to keep in mind is that you must remove the interiors and the doors while installing the cabinets on the wall. There are different ways to remodel your kitchen, however installing the kitchen cabinets is one of the simplest jobs out there.


Art Of Getting The Modern Look With Bar Stools In Your Kitchen

It’s a modern world that we stay in and thus we make each and every effort to make things and our surroundings look even more modern. It is in this strive for modernism that we come across blending of different genres and things of different fields. One sometimes thus experiences weird combinations which add up and make things look good together.

The urge for modernism is the reason for the springing up of several theme places and special design places to hang out. It then occurred to people that even the houses could be experimented with give in modern look and feel. There are several different methods that have been applied for the same, but one such method that stands out is bar stools in kitchen.


And that’s the reason why getting the modern look with bar stools in your kitchen came up as in weird yet very effective idea. A bar stool is a sitting furniture used generally in the bars but the usage is getting diversified. The bar stools have very long legs along with a foot rest and are pretty narrow and tall.

The usage of bar stools in kitchen or more precisely kitchen counters makes it an attraction and also gives the house a modern look. The kitchen counters usually have a reasonable height and thus using bar stools one can make use of the counters. This makes the serving of food easier as one need not carry the prepared food to a table as another place. They can also be used for the modern kitchens where a bar is also integrated along with the kitchen, thus maintaining the modern touch.