A Guide to Installing an Interior Vent for a Dryer

No matter the type of energy that your dryer for your clothes uses, you are going to need an indoor vent for it. This allows the hot and moist air to leave the dryer, and thereby assists in drying the clothes. The vent is designed to allow the air to go outside, and in warmer weather you will appreciate this. In the winter you may actually like the warm air being circulated back into your home. The process of venting the air outside can pose a problem for those who are putting their dryer in a place that has never had one before. This is because there is not going to be an access hole in the outside wall for you to run the vent through. In this case you will need some information on installing an interior dryer vent. After preparing the necessary tools and reading through the following, you will have a better understanding of how to do this.


Items and tools that you will need:

  • The first thing you will need is a measuring tape.
  • Next you will need a hole saw.
  • Another necessary tool is a stud finder.
  • You will also need a pencil.
  • Caulking that is rated for outdoor use.
  • A drill will be necessary.
  • For the drill you will need both a 1/2 inch bit for masonry and a 1/2 inch bit for wood.

First – Ensuring the Way is Clear

You don’t just want to go around making holes in the wall. The first thing that you should do is to use the stud finder to ensure that you are not going to be putting a hole through a stud which is an important part of the structure holding up your house. There are other things that you do not want to run into when you are making your hole as well. These are things like the electrical lines, any gas lines, or your plumbing pipes. All this will do is to create more work for you in the end. You can find studs with your stud finder and use the pencil to make a light mark on your wall where there is anything in the way.

Second – Marking Out Your Hole

The area that you choose for your vent should be in between two studs. Measure to the halfway point between the two and hold your hose for the dryer over that spot. Now, draw a line around the hose while it is still against the wall.

Third – Cut The Hole

Mark the center of the circle from the hose with a small hole that you drill out. Make sure that when you do this the bit you are using is going to be long enough and strong enough to make it through all the surfaces that you need to make it through. Now you will insert the hole saw blade into this hole. Create your hole with the hole saw using the circle that you drew on the wall as your pattern. Work from the center of the hole out. You will need to go just past the circle that you drew because this needs to be just a little bigger than the hose. After this you may need the use of the masonry bit, it all depends on the material that the exterior of your home is made from. In all try not to go more than 1/4 inch bigger than the size of the hole.

Fourth – Vent Housing Attachment

From the outside you will put in the vent housing. There will be hardware included with your kit for you to use here too. After you have ensured that it is straight in the hole and is secure test the flap so that you are sure that it will open when the air from the dryer creates pressure. This can be tested with your finger.

Fifth – Install Interior Vent Pipe and Hardware

The last step is to go back inside and secure the hose from the dryer to the inside portion of the vent housing. Use the caulking both inside and outside around the vent housing so that you can be sure that you are not leaving holes in your house for critters to get in or to allow the exchange of air when you are running your heating or air conditioning.