How to Find Different Uses for Commercial Door Handles

Wake up the outside of your building with custom commercial door handles and pulls from First Impressions. Maintaining the outside of your business space is paramount – it is one of the first things a customer or client will notice prior to entering the building. The old adage may be cliché, but it stands true – you only get one chance to make a first impression. Doors and hardware that have been weathered or have fallen into disrepair simply don’t say much about the company’s thoroughness and upkeep.


Commercial door handles can get a lot of use –from inclement weather to heavy traffic, standard door handles and pulls can wear out quickly. However, First Impressions offers over 33 different finishes to make sure that your handles last for years. Not only do we offer finishes such as ‘antiquing’ and different colors and sheens, we also provide finishes for heavy-use doors, and weather-treated handles for door handles exposed to the elements.

Complement the choice of 33 different finishes with 27 different materials to choose from, to completely customize your own style right on the front door. Choose from exotic woods, acrylics, metals, and even crystal. If you are unsure about your specs, style or what your front door specifically needs, simply ask a member of our staff to help you make a decision.

If nothing particular catches your eye within our catalog, our specialty is custom work. Many of the designs you see are from customer/client visions from years past, and we can make any commercial door handle to fit your exact need.

Contact First Impressions to find out how we can meet your specific needs, and wake up the outside of your building. From knobs to pulls, display your own personal style throughout your business.